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Mobile App Now Available - IRS2Go!

This version of IRS2Go is available in both English and Spanish. Download IRS2Go for Android devices from the Google Play Store or IRS2Go for iOS from the App Store. IRS2Go is the official smartphone app of the IRS.

Refund Status

You can check the status of your federal income tax refund using IRS2Go. Simply enter your Social Security number, which will be masked and encrypted for security purposes, then select your filing status and enter the amount of your anticipated refund from your 2020 tax return. A status tracker has been added so you can see where your tax return is in the process. If you filed your return electronically, you can check your refund status within 24 hours after your return has been received. If you file a paper tax return, you will need to wait approximately four to six weeks to check your refund status as it takes longer to process a paper return.

Tax Records

You can request your tax return or account transcript using your smart phone. IRS2Go allows you to request this information, which will be mailed to you within several business days.  

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